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ABBA Outreach Program


Taking The FIGHT Against Hunger & Poverty

Aachi Global School (AGS) is proud to introduce our CSR Initiative - ABBA Outreach Program - which is a student interfaced movement with the aim to serve the poor and impoverished sections of society. Though we are slowly moving towards a pandemic recovery, not all of us have it easy – some families need that extra helping hand to pull them out of these troubled times and rebuild their lives.

The vision and primary focus of ABBA is to help organize funds and resources to assist those underprivileged students across rural India who are in desperate need of such aid. Our reach and service contribution extends to providing food for the elderly through –

1. Irrakam Foundation


With the focus on making India a hunger free nation, the foundation strives hard to provide warm food to the underprivileged. Under their Feedy Needy project, they undertake to also distribute essential commodities through donations and sponsors who share the same passion for uplifting the rural poor. It is for this reason that AGS has partnered with the Irakkam Foundation as their vision also lines with our values!! As such, more than 10,000 impoverished children and families were given food and warm clothing during the pandemic to ensure they stay safe and comforted. Moreover our vision is to expand on this undertaking and help over 1 million people in the next 2 years


2. Food For All Movement


On behalf of No Food Waste Chennai (NFWC), Mr.Arun works tirelessly. The journey of his selfless service in feeding the poor and destitute in bringing an awareness on Food Wastage and Proper Food Usage is incredible. Additionally, NFWC takes efforts to educate people on waste reduction so that every needy child and person in the streets do not go to bed hungry!! AGS has joined hands with NFWC to distribute surplus food and resources to the homeless during the Covid pandemic. We are happy to bring about change in the lives of more than 6000 people who benefitted from this venture.

Mission 2022 : Adoption of rural schools

AGS intends to adopt a rural school for the underprivileged and bring about changes in terms of Education, Infrastructure, Sanitation and improving the Overall Skills of the educators and children.

csr-activity csr-activity
I. Training The Educators :

Updating skills of teachers and staff with sufficient knowledge and efficient communication techniques for imparting quality education.

II. Proper Sanitation :

With top priority on health and safety, building and maintaining sufficient toilets in proportion to the number of students. Also, children will be taught to properly use the toilets in a responsible manner with hygiene being the most important aspect.

III. Providing Scholarships :

Providing opportunities and platforms with also instilling confidence in the minds of the children of an assured and comfortable future without the worry of the financial burden

IV. Upgrading The Infrastructure :

Frequent up-gradation of school campus infrastructure and other environment to provide a safe and secure environment where students can freely explore their strengths and bring out their creative side more effectively

AGS has also planned to donate 5% of revenue to the Swachh Bharat Mission towards the building of clean toilets and urinals in rural and semi-rural areas.

AGS will continue to pursue such projects that ensures to build the holistic development of society at large, without compromising on our core values and vision.

As such, we request your kind support in all of our endeavors, present and in future, to reach out to all those in need and give them Hope, Happiness and Abundant Measure of Unconditional Love!!

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