Our core Team

Message from the Head of School

Mrs. D. ANITHA (Head Of School, Aachi Global School)

Today as a parent you are extremely conscious for the tremendous development of your child, may be mirroring your own reflections as business tycoons and certainly aspiring much higher levels for your children than what you have experienced in life. I hope this prospectus will give you a flavor of the quality of education available at Aachi Global School to help you make the right decision for your child.

At AGS, we see the purpose of schooling to be more than simply teaching the subject curriculum. We all learn best when we are happy and valued. Hence, we make sure no one goes unnoticed in our active and vibrant community. Our educators and students work together to achieve academic and all round excellence.

Our school is focused on raising the aspirations and expectations of all our students. We want them to be fully aware of their enormous potential and have the confidence to lead any circumstances as they grow. We are here to open doors and support your child’s choices while giving them the freedom and resources to chase their dream career at a welcoming atmosphere.

My one and only vision is to take the name of Aachi Global School into the nook and corners of Chennai thereby lessening the burden of parents and making learning an enjoyable experience for the students.

I invite you to join me in building a ‘can do’ future for your son or daughter.

Message from the Head of Academics

Mr. JEEVANANDAN SURENDRAN (Head Of Academics, Aachi Global School)

We intend to provide you and your child with the information needed to make a decision. Aachi Global School is big enough to possess prime facilities and yet small enough to identify and provide to the individual learner.

We believe that every child deserves and needs a high-quality, broad-based education in order to succeed in life. Learning opportunities are planned and executed to instil academic competence as well as acquire skills in order to confidently and productively participate in the rapidly changing times without losing sight of personal and universal goals.

Our young learners are prepared to be Confident, Responsible, Reflective, Innovative, Engaged Intellectually and Socially ready to make a difference. They learn to clearly distinguish between making a living and making a life.

We invite you to experience the encouraging, concerned and joyous atmosphere here.

Message from the Vice Principal of School

Mrs. R. ANUPAMA (Vice Principal, Aachi Global School)

Everyone is a learner and everyone is a teacher, when we learn to identify this quality in us, we begin to share the wonder and curiosity of our new endeavours. These endeavours add a set of highly applaudable amalgamations of expertise to our repertoire. The skills range in attributes such as having a principled approach, acquiring tolerance and sensitivity, being proactive, taking risks, and effective interpretation and implementation of knowledge.

Among the competing trends in education and reforms, often the simplest and most explicit of truths are lost. The main idea is to always impart knowledge where an individual becomes fully aware that their actions and decisions are always part of a bigger system and never limited to the self. Hence, their responsibility extends to a broader community and connects them to a global level.

My role in this esteemed institution would be to empower young minds about the significance of developing a strong sense of identity with the knowledge they gain and create an audacious consciousness in them to shatter personal biases. I further believe that innovative pedagogical techniques, collaborative approaches, and strong child-centric learning will launch these young minds into a positive trajectory of development.