Message from the Founder, Educationalist

I Strongly believe "Education is not the Learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think."

A Warm Welcome to Aachi Global School - Our Premier Global Institution

I believe children need more hands-on experience and learning that would be helpful in their real life. At our school all activities nurture highly values character attributes in children. The class room activities and educational trips encourage young minds to be inquirers and thinkers. Language acquisition is also another way for children to become open-minded and principled.

The quality and nature of a child’s early experiences in life lay the foundation and brain architecture for all the learning and behavior that follow. The educators act as facilitators who partner with the children to develop explorations and extend thinking through careful observation, documentation, thoughtful questions and deep reflections.

With 5 years of history, AGS is recognized as one of Chennai leading international schools. AGS still holds the mantle of being the co-educational school offering CBSE and Cambridge International Curriculums in the city.

I believe education is the necessary precondition of national development. One thing that can be offered students only at the school level, is to prepare them for very strong value systems which will give them the confidence to become professionals when they arrive University. We encourage our students to learn and imbibe life skills and qualities they need to possess to become successful global citizens. Each year we see them grow in confidence, attaining outstanding Performance and establishing international networks that will last for a lifetime. I warmly welcome you to the AGS family!




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